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  Well Sinking Jack (Jackdown):  
Well sinking by jack down method is a precise and controlled method of sinking well within the allowable limits of tilt, shift and rotation of every stage of its sinking.
The basic principle of the jack down method is to apply pressure over the staining wall with the help of hydraulic jacks, which are connected to the support outside the well. Prestress anchors are provided as reaction, for pushing the well downwards.
Controlled sinking minimizing tilts and shifts.
Enormous saving of time and cost.
Speedy operation
In this method specially made jacks and other accessories like gripper rod assembly, reaction beam etc. are used for driving the well to the required depth. This is an effective method used by construction companies throughout the world. The capacity and number of equipments are decided considering driving force, number of feasible anchors, etc. Driving force to be applied on well depends on cutting shoe resistance, float and negative skin friction of surrounding strata.
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