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  New Launches:  
The dowel tubes and round duct for pre-fabricated building components
Dynamic Prestress has been supplying dowel tubes of various sizes and shapes for the pre-fabricated building industry for the last several years. The infrastructure at Nasik facilitates design and production of dowel tubes and round duct as per the contractors’ requirements, in sizes like 50 x 100mm, 60mmØ, 50mmØ, 40mmØ, made out of galvanized or bright metal finished strips. This dowel tubes along with the rebar is used for connecting the prefabricated members.
The sheathing machines are capable of producing the duct ranging from 30mm to 120mmØ pipes and the void former machines are capable of manufacturing pipes ranging from 150mm to 1100mmØ corrugated pipes which are termed as void former. The production capacity is sufficient enough to ensure deliveries as per the mutually agreed schedules.
Lifting & Shifting Jacks / Strand Lift Jacks
With more than two decades of experience in manufacturing various types of jacks, a complete tailor made solution with the jacks, power packs, manifold, hoses etc. is provided by Dynamic Prestress for lifting of girders and shifting of girders. The strand lift jacks manufactured by Dynamic Prestress are sophisticated equipments which are used for heavy load lifting at greater heights.
Post tensioning of slabs for Railways as per RDSO design
The flat slabs of length varing from 9 mtrs to 18 mtrs and above have been post tensioned by Dynamic Prestress using the anchorages and sheathing for several railway projects. The prestressing materials and equipments are manufactured at our Nasik works using CNC machines.
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